Innovation for Public Safety and National Security

New Civilian and LE Training Schedules


Talion Defense has just released its updated schedule for Law Enforcement and Civilian training. We will be resuming classes in May with appropriate protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Click on the link to see our updated calendar. 


Services for Public Safety & National Security


Talion Defense offers a range of services for Law Enforcement, First Responders, National Security Agencies, and Military Units. Ranging from custom product development to training and performance improvement and from emerging threat assessment to private intelligence. Find out more about our services and track record of results.  

Talion Custom Weapon Systems


Talion is consistently creating and modifying weapons systems for our customers. Some of those creations are available for sale in our web store (picked up through Talion Defense or your local FFL). Click the link below for current offerings or to request your own custom build.  


Talion Defense Corporation


Talion Defense is a product and service company focused on delivering rapid innovation for the Public Safety and National Security sectors. Our focus is on building capabilities and tools to solve pressing issues and counter emerging threats. Our track record has demonstrated our ability to deliver rapidly and to find solutions that have been elusive. Please explore our site to find out more about our innovations.  


Talion Gunbroker Auctions

Talion periodically posts one-off, prototype, and overstock products on Click the button below to view our current offerings. 

Law Enforcement Training

Talion Defense offers a range of unique law enforcement training opportunities that address today’s needs such as counter-sniper and community relations training. We also develop custom courses.

Weapons System Customization

Talion Defense offers a wide range of weapons system modifications and customizations, including new weapons system development. Contact us to request these services.

Latest News

Find out what Talion Defense is up to. We will post announcements of new courses, new custom projects, special sales, and new releases, as well as other news when we can. 

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