Here you will find the key policies for our site and for working with us. We strive for straightforward and high- integrity relationships with all of our clients. When in doubt, please ask. 

Click on the heading to the right to find our policies and guidelines for various areas. Any use of this website is subject to the policies listed here. 

Website Terms of Use

By accessing or using our website or online services, you agree to be bound by Talion Defense’s Website Terms of Use: Terms Document

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and we mean that. We do not sell, rent, “share with our valued partners” or do anything else with your information other than use it for your business with Talion. We may send occasional announcements or promotions, and you will always be able to opt out of those by clicking the link in the email. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our complete privacy policy is available for your review at the following link: Privacy Policy

Training Policies

Talion strives to offer the highest quality training and offerings that are hard to find anywhere else. While we offer some classes for beginners, most of our training is targeted at intermediate and advanced participants. Please read the course description and be certain that you meet any pre-requisites listed. If you come to the class and do not meet the pre-requisites, you will be removed from the class without a refund. If you are unsure, please ask. We are also very diligent about safety. Safety rules and procedures will be reviewed at the start of every class and we reserve the right to remove anyone from any class who violates these rules or procedures. Again, no refunds will be issued for participants removed for safety violations.

Some of our classes are restricted to Law Enforcement or Military participants only and we will verify credentials prior to class. Other Armed Professionals may be able to participate in some classes, but please contact us prior. DO NOT register for one of these classes if you cannot provide the appropriate credentials.

For civilian classes, you may be required to complete a background check prior to class participation. We will contact you if that is the case. Talion Defense reserves the right to bar a participant from a class if we have reason to believe that the course content will be used in furtherance of illegal activity or if you have previously been removed from a class for safety or policy violations.

Talion has the ability to provide limited rentals of firearms / equipment and purchase of ammunition for our classes. Please let us know as soon as possible if you will need either for the class. You can also contact us if you are interested in purchasing any required equipment for a class as we offer a discount to participants.

Talion does provide Private Courses for agencies, individuals, and groups of civilians. These can be one of our standard offerings or a custom course. Please contact us if you are interested

CANCELLATIONS: We understand that situations do arise, but we also generally have costs that we incur for any course. As such, any cancellations will generally be rolled over to credit for a future class. If there are materials or equipment that had to be purchased for you for that class, those costs will be deducted from your credit. Generally, any cancellations received less than 7 days before a class will receive either reduced or no credit.

Store Policies

It is absolutely your responsibility to know if an item is legal to own in your area. We follow the law 100% when it comes to everything we sell. All firearms transfers will go through a Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer. We will not sell restricted items such as high capacity magazines where they are not legal. If you order a firearm and it has a magazine that is not legal in yours state, we will give you the option of cancelling your order with a 20% restocking fee or having us remove the magazines prior to shipment.

Talion Defense manufactures and sells National Firearms Act (NFA) items. Again, all laws will be followed in the sale and transfer of any NFA items. Please be certain that you understand the NFA process before purchasing any of these items. If you have questions, we are happy to help guide you through the process. We are a Silencer Shop dealer and process some of our NFA items through that portal.


Talion uses a flat rate shipping system and sends all of our products out insured. For those of you used to free shipping on the big e-commerce sites, sorry to disappoint. In some cases, it may appear that our shipping costs are higher than what you may be used to, but we generally charge what it costs us, and it has all gotten more expensive. If you need a particular shipping method, please contact us before placing your order to be sure we can accommodate you. We are a small shop and the more time we spend dealing with shipping, the less time we have to produce products.


We do not accept returns on firearms, ammunition, or magazines. Problems with firearms or products from other manufacturers must be handled through their warranty process. We will handle any issues that arise from problems with our products and generally will honor any warranty claims for the life of the product if it is an issue with product workmanship. We may be able to repair the item that you dropped, damaged, abused, etc., but contact us first to make sure and expect that there will be a cost associated. ALL RETURNS REQUIRE AN Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Any returns without an RMA will be returned to sender. Please contact us to receive an RMA. You are responsible for return shipping costs and if the item was a special order, there will be a 20% restocking fee.

Special Orders

We will accept Special Orders for any companies that we are a direct dealer for. All special orders must be prepaid. That is a new policy but unfortunately, we have gotten burned too many times now. We will do our best to give you an accurate lead time for special orders, however, the current state of the industry is such that we cannot always do so. We are at the mercy of the manufacturers. For special orders of our products, we will give you a definite lead time.

Law Enforcement, Military, and First Responders

Talion appreciates the service and sacrifice of our law enforcement, military, and first responder clients. We do offer a discount with verified credentials on most products that we sell. We are working on a way to automate that through the site but for right now, contact us and we will get you taken care of. For training, Talion also offers a discount when you are paying for the training yourself (vs. your agency paying) – we understand that training budgets aren’t what they used to be and that many of you are having to pick up the tab. For any agency purchase, please contact us. These cannot be done through the online store.

Gunbroker Sales

We occasionally post items for sale on Gunbroker. These are generally one-off, overstock, special projects, components we didn’t end up using, and other products of that nature. We will occasionally post products where we get special deals from the manufacturer. Generally, anything we have on Gunbroker will also be available on our website but there may be some exceptions. We do not generally entertain offers on items listed there unless it is through the Gunbroker “Take a Shot” function. Gunbroker.com is a third-party site and Talion Defense has no control or liability for the functionality or content of that site.

Contacting Us

We are primarily a manufacturer and do not maintain a retail storefront. There is nothing to browse at our shop and all firearms are secured at all times. You are welcome to come in to discuss projects, make purchases or special orders, or learn more about our products. We suggest you make an appointment to ensure that the right people are available to help with your needs. We do not do tours of our facility.

We will not always be able to answer the phones directly – we spend most of our time on the shop floor, at the range for training classes, or in the field with our agency customers. But we will get back to you if you leave us a message. By far the easiest and quickest way to reach us is via email on the Contact page.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone and will do so if we believe that any potential illegal or unsafe activity is taking place with our products.